Trade Union Demands Non- Essential Construction Sites Remain Closed

The Scottish Government’s plan to enter the next phase in the management of the Covid19 pandemic which included a suggestion of a partial relaxation of the restrictions on some sectors,  has had a mixed response.

Trace, Test and Isolate: Scotland’s Next Move to Manage the Spread of #Covid19

The trade union Unite has demanded that all non-essential construction sites in Scotland remain closed. It says that employers are continuing to have construction workers turn up for work at non-essential sites, use public or shared transport or face losing wages.

The union leaders, meeting virtually, issued the following statements.

unite the unionJohn Gillespie, Unite Scotland Construction Chair said:

“Today’s vote re-confirms the position that Unite Scotland’s construction members do not wish to return to non-essential work until their safety can be guaranteed.

“We do not feel that the curve has been reduced to a level that takes enough pressure off our vital NHS workers in Scotland, and that construction workers should not be used as test subjects by building luxury flats to get an economy moving that values wealth at the expense of our health.”

This message was supported by Steven Dillion, Unite Scotland regional coordinator.

He said:

“Unite’s members and their families must be protected. There is absolutely no benefit of trying to force workers back to work when their health is not protected.

“The construction industry has enough hazards as it is without throwing a deadly virus into the mix”.



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