Women Asked to Share Their Views on Covid19 at Digital Roadshow

The Scottish Women’s Convention (SWC) has set up a Digital Roadshow on Zoom for Orkney and Shetland.

The Roadshow takes place on Thursday 14th of May at 3pm. 

Through the Digital Roadshows, the Convention are looking to hear more about women’s experiences of the current Coronavirus situation. Any topic is up for discussion: – concerns  over health, finances, childcare, elderly support, shopping etc.

Do women have sufficient support in Orkney and Shetland?

And what are your views, issues or concerns that go beyond the current situation.

Women can book through the event below and find loads more details, including how to contribute their thoughts in writing as an alternative.

Link: The Northern Isles Digital Roadshow

Register for tickets (free event) here: The Northern Isles(Shetland and Orkney)

The Scottish Women’s Convention feel it is vital that women’s voices are heard as part of the decision making process. The organisation provides an effective mechanism for women to engage with politicians and key decision makers. They do this by meeting with women across Scotland through conferences, roadshows and roundtables. And because of the lockdown – digitally.

The purpose of the current digital Roadshows is to understand the issues , concerns, and the ways women are receiving support. They also want  to listen to the ways women see us moving forward, into a ‘new normal’ where women’s experiences are fully considered.

The Roadshow will last for around an hour on Zoom.

You can also use surveymonkey if you cannot access this or feel more comfortable to use written contributions.

Link for written contributions: The Northern Isles (Shetland & Orkney) – SWC Roadshow Questionnaire

To find out more visit: Scottish Women’s Convention

Each roadshow and related survey will be made into report, which will be published and sent to Scottish Government for their consideration, particularly in their decision making during this crisis, and how we see things moving forward.

To find out about the Roadshows across Scotland and how you can submit your ideas click on this link: Roadshows

Scottish Womens Convention Digital Roadshow

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