RSPB Reserves Remain Closed

bird watchers on Auskerry B BEll

photo : B Bell

RSPB Reserves are still CLOSED to the public.

This is, of course, nesting time and images of wildlife moving back into spaces that are now devoid of humans have been seen on social media for some time.

On RSPB Reserves some species of birds,including rare ones, are nesting closer to what were public paths than they have done in previous years.

The RSPB will only re-open their Reserves once it is safe for them to do so – safe for the wildlife and safe for the humans.

In flight bird 2

“We will be taking a gradual and phased approach over the coming weeks and will only be opening individual reserves when we are absolutely confident we can do so safely.

“This will likely mean different sites reopening at different times, and with different levels of access and facilities.”

The advice from the Scottish Government is still to Stay At Home, to only go out for essential supplies and medicines, to exercise several times a day (near your home), to wear a face covering/mask in enclosed spaces like supermarkets/shops, to continue to keep 2m apart and to wash your hands. 

EU funding RSPB Marwick



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