What Are You Looking Forward To?

By Bernie Bell

I’m looking forward to…….

Going into Stromness, having lunch at Julia’s Bistro, looking in the charity shops and finding things, maybe have a look in the Museum, and then home.

I’m looking forward to…..

Going for walks in other places. We are very, very fortunate to have the walks we have, out from the house but….I’d like a change of scenery!  And this could include meeting other folk, and having  a chat –  hearing their stories.

We’re also fortunate in our neighbours, and we see them, and talk with them – keeping our distance – but meeting folk, out and about, and tickling their dogs – that will be good.

I’m looking forward to…..

A chippy tea from the Peedie Chippy in Finstown on a Friday evening.  We’ve been making fish and chips at home, and we enjoy them, but – you can’t beat a Peedie Chippy Chippy Tea, on a Friday.

I’m looking forward to…..

Going out for a meal. We’re spoilt for choice here in Orkney, for places to go to eat lovely things. Mike and I have about half a dozen favourites – and it’s nice to have to choose between them!

But, however much I’m looking forward to these things, I completely agree with Nicola Sturgeon that we should take it slowly – step by step. Nicola Sturgeon is not to be ‘bounced’ and not to be swayed  – and that’s what is needed in a leader, rather than someone who courts popularity.

So, however much I’m missing something, and looking forward to being able to do those thing again, I’m with Nicola on this one. I’ll bide my time, and, possibly, enjoy them even more when they happen.

What are you looking forward to? 

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  1. Simple pleasures, Bernie – Cappuccino! And being able to meet up with friends in cafes and at their homes and hugs… And visit Orkney, especially the Bookshop in Stromness.

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