Snug Leveret

By Bernie Bell

Last week, it was snowing here in Orkney, and very cold.  The weather forecast on Reporting Scotland said we could expect an “Arctic blast” and that was what we got!

I feared for the flowers and the new buds on the trees, but they appear to have weathered the storm – they still look fluffy and perky.

I also hoped that other young things, such as leverets, were tucked away safely. I suppose they are equipped for it – with their fur coats – hunkered down in the long grass.  Mike saw a baby hare on one of his after-work walks and – from a safe distance, not near enough to disturb it –  took some pictures – in one of the brief interludes of sunshine!

leveret credit Mike Bell

Credit: Mike Bell

leveret credit Mike Bell

credit Mike Bell

Life goes on………..

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