No Changes to Public Transport Arrangements in Orkney

There will be no changes to the current Covid restrictions of public transport in Orkney in Phase 1  of easing out of lockdown.

Travel on public bus and inter-island ferry and air services will continue to be for essential reasons only  with passenger numbers severely restricted as a result of and in line with social distancing requirements.

There will be no changes to the current timetables for local bus, ferry and inter-island air services.

Varagen in Kirkwall

Varagen in Kirkwall credit: Mike Robertson

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  1. I think may be it’s time to allow islanders to travel monthly for bulk essential shopping. The isle shops are not equipped to deal with the footfall or fresh produce we require. Although I may add the local shop has been doing I think a great job keeping the island going. If restrictions are being lifted throughout the country then why are the isles any different.

    • Island life IS different, it just…is. You should realise that, if you live here.
      The shops on Orkney have been doing very well indeed – both with providing produce and with organizing social distancing.

      If you can’t always get what you want, be glad that you can get what you need.

    • I agree Andy, we have had 9 weeks of no access to supermarkets whilst the rest of Scotland/England have had this throughout this period. One trip a month on the restricted service, even if it was in the form of a pass, would really help. I went into our local shops 4 days on the trot trying to get bits that I wanted, and they have done a great job but if we put a mask and gloves on when we went on the ferry it wouldn’t endanger the ferry lads.

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