Studies Into MS & #Covid-19

Several studies into how the Covid19 virus is affecting specific groups of people are taking place.

One of the research studies Coronagenes at Edinburgh University  aims to use genetics to understand the symptoms and severity of COVID-19.

We aim to discover why some people might get sick from COVID-19 whilst others don’t. We also hope to find any genes influencing the severity or duration of disease.  People who have not contracted the disease or had symptoms are just as important to the study as people who have.

You may already have had a DNA Test done if so you can upload your DNA home test data. This will help to speed up COVID-19 genetic research. 

Co-Principal Investigator of the Team is Professor Jim Wilson, a leader in MS research.

If you wish to volunteer to take part in this study click on this link: Volunteer for Coronagenes

In Italy researchers have been investigating people who have MS and either  suspected or  confirmed with Covid19.

immunosuppressive therapies, the mainstay of treatment for multiple sclerosis, might confer additional risks or, on the contrary, confer some protection.

The survey was of 232 people of which 57 had a positive test.

Of the 57 positive tested:

  • 4 people (2% of everyone in the study) had severe symptoms
  • 6 people were critical (3% of everyone in the study). Of the 6 critical patients, 1 person recovered and 5 died.

 collecting information to evaluate the relationship between multiple sclerosis and COVID-19 and implement immediate and appropriate protective strategies is crucial

The Italian research study can be accessed here: An Italian programme for COVID-19 infection in multiple sclerosis

The MS Society in the UK is collecting data on the impact of coronavirus.

If you are interested in contributing to this you can access the link here: Coronavirus UK MS Register 




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