Update to Recycling in Orkney

Bulky household waste, garden waste and cardboard will all be accepted at Hatston and Garson OIC Recycling centres from Tuesday 7th of July.

It does not include: electrical items and black bag rubbish.

From Monday July 6 onwards side waste will not be accepted on kerb side collections. Those residents on the ‘red bag’ service will still receive this service. If you do not have a bin and need to arrange one  contact: MyOrkney  or by calling 01856873535 ext 2320.

Restrictions and Advice

no more than 5 cars at a time allowed on site at Hatston

no more than 3 at a time at Garson

Opening hours Tuesday to Saturday

09:00 to 15:45 at Hatston closed 12:00 to 13:00 for lunch.

10:00 to 15:45 at Garson closed 12:00 to 13:00 for lunch.

Both sites have found it helpful if people limit their visits to the day when their kerb side collection would be.

OIC Recycling temporary arrangements

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