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sgathaich bannerI had to do A LOT of things to try and keep me sane during the lockdown. Most of this was playing video games (primarily FF14 and Animal Crossing) but I also looked to not only classic games I had played before but also though the SNES online feature of the Switch, classic games I’ve never played. So let’s look at a bit of an odd one Wild Guns.

Wild Guns Game on Switch


Wild Guns is a 1994 space western shooting gallery game, though I’d say it’s more sci fi steampunk western shooting gallery (above steampunk but not quite full sci fi… a very anime aesthetic… go watch Trigun). Now a shooting gallery game is a very arcade type of game where you aim a gun and fire at enemies while trying to avoid getting shot (often by shooting them first). With Wild Guns you have an actual character on screen though so you do need to move them sideways or jumping or doing a dodge roll to avoid incoming enemy fire… as well as gun them all down.

First thing you do, after choosing if it’s single or multi player (sorry didn’t have access to another person try out multiplayer FOR REASONS THAT SHOULD BE OBVIOUS!)  Is choosing which of the two characters you will play as. The characters are Flint and Annie. From what I’m aware there isn’t really a difference rather than animations and it’s mainly to make people stand out for multiplayer.

The main goal of each level is to reach the end of stage boss. You start out in a standard shoot out section, small western town, gun men running around constantly occasionally trying to shoot you or throw dynamite etc. As you clear each wave you might come to the end of that screen and move to the next one, before eventually facing off against a screen filling boss.

Once the first level is cleared you get to choose which of the next 4 levels you do in which order, each giving you a different bonus point for clearing. So you do the next 4 levels in whatever order you want ranging from shoot outs on a moving train, or shoot outs going into a deep mine (look it’s all shoot outs). Then you face with the final level to fight the last boss who is a block, some bandit king (its old game didn’t have cut scenes) before its game over and input your high score.

The game isn’t all that long, maybe half an hour from start to end. But that’s because it is an arcade shooter style game. You play it to try and beat the high score. It might be more fun competing with a friend in 2 players but sadly I wasn’t able to try that. But with its steampunk western mech looks its clear to see this left an impression.

An enhanced remaster was released a few years ago for modern consoles that includes 2 new characters that do affect game plays, such as one that’s a small dog. I haven’t given that a shot yet though.

Rating: spear spear spear spear

Link: Wild Guns Super Nintendo

Wild Guns Game on Switch 2


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