The Long Covid Shadow

Test and Protect NHS Scotland Covid19 logoBy Nick Morrison

Wednesday, 5th August,  saw the 2nd evidence gathering session by the all party Westminster inquiry into Covid handling  group chaired by Layla Moran MP.Layla Moran MP.

This session took evidence from bereaved families and those suffering from long term effects after contracting Covid. The first session took evidence from bodies like the BMA, doctors , health care workers and associated Unions and Royal Colleges.

Dr Mike Galsworthy of “March for Change”, the Secretariat of this Parliamentary group said that it was a highly emotive two hours.

The bereaved families are angry at Westminster for its failures which led to the untimely deaths of their relatives. Very early on doctors were finding that Covid does not just affect the lungs but attacks many other organs as well like the heart for example as well as the nervous system. Covid does this by attacking the AC2 receptors which most if not all organs have. Evidence was heard from a doctor and an MP both of which were feeling “wiped” several weeks after contracting Covid. Estimates of the numbers of people thus affected vary between 200,000 and 500,000.  These people will not be able to return to work for some time to come. Some were turned away from hospitals and told to self isolate so they may well be not on any  records anywhere.

So what needs to be done is to adopt a Zero Covid policy. This is exactly what Scotland, Northern Ireland and I think Wales have done. England has as yet to do so. It was part of the strategy adopted by New Zealand in their  very successful elimination of the virus, until 2 English visitors introduced it again.

      ” The virus is waiting to pounce if we dare to lower our guard”

The Aberdeen outbreak is a salutary wake up call that indeed Covid is very much out there and waiting to pounce. A big question is where did the outbreak come from with minimal reported cases across Scotland in the preceding weeks. So where are the “hot spots” America and Brazil spring to mind. Spain and Greece have had renewed outbreaks but those are minor to what is going on south of Hadrian’s wall with reimposed lockdowns being imposed in Northern England .

Ed’s note: The figures of positive tests in Scotland continue to rise.

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You should:

  • wear a face covering
  • avoid crowded places
  • clean hands and surfaces regularly
  • stay 2m away from other people
  • self-isolate and book a test if you have COVID-19 symptoms

Helpline for those who need to self isolate

Helpline for those who do not have support Covid19

Helpline for those who are not able to have support from friends, family or neighbours

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