#Covid19 Orkney Outbreak Update 16th August 2020

An overall total of 16 people are now confirmed with a test of being/ having been infected by Covid19 in Orkney. 

Orkney’s positive cases were at 9 for weeks until the last few days when the numbers started to rise again.

The same thing is happening in other parts of Scotland with localised outbreaks with 43 new cases being reported today, 16th of August. 

Again there have been 0 deaths as a direct result of Covid19 registered in Scotland. This highly infectious virus, however, can cause life changing health issues for some people – regardless of age.

This is an excellent website for those who would like to keep updated on Covid19 cases in Scotland, UK and beyond: Scotland Coronavirus Tracker

Cumulative data on positive tests for Covid19 10th – 16th August 2020 by Scottish Health Boards

It is more important than ever that individuals remember to wear a face mask/covering in indoor spaces, wash their hands regularly and keep the 2m distance rule.

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