Ness of Brodgar Photo-Time-Line – Part Two

By Bernie Bell

(Pics by B&M Bell)

And on, to 2011, when I was feeling the edge of a reproduction axe, at the Ness………

2012 – view from the viewing platform – which helped a lot, to give some perspective on the layout of the structures….

This pic.  shows the first proper Ness shop, kindly loaned by Beedies Nurseries

Also – notice the stone slab roofing on the building on the right, across from the Ness dig site – evidence of stone roofing, has been discovered at the Ness, and I can’t help wondering if some of it was robbed, for nearby buildings? There’s a thought –  a nearby farm building, roofed with stone shaped by people living in the Neolithic.  Could be.

2014 – and I suspect a Standing Stone, so I took a picture…..

Definitely a Standing Stone, one of a pair, just up the hill from Trench T – 2017 – tho’ the stone’s  been there a lot longer than that!

The purchase and donation of the house  ‘Loch View’ by a generous supporter of the Ness, meant that work could begin downhill from the house, where what started as Trench T began to emerge as a complex set of structures.

I was so excited about Trench T, that I sang…….

Trench T, Trench T, Trench T, Trench T

Trench T, Trench T, Treeeeeeeeeeench Teeeeeeeeee

(Repeat – ad nauseum)

And, here’s the view, down from Trench T……

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