Ness Of Brodgar Photo-Time-Line Part Three

By Bernie Bell

By 2018 – the dig had grown and grown – and the Ness had acquired a wind and waterproof shop……presided over by Sam….

In my photo folder, 2018 appears to be the year of people at the Ness……..

The Art-Hut, and the Artists in Residence…..

The diggers, resting at The Diggers Rest……

But the people, are there for the place, and this ….

… an ace, place.

On to 2019, and a view of the ace place, and adjoining spoil heap, with diggers, barrowing….

Piratical archaeologists?

Cecily Webster – imagines –

And, finally – a view of the Ness, with guardian, Bryn……..

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    • Well, Charlie – yes, I have wondered about that, for some years. Look at it – especially the aerial view – Structure 10 disappears under Loch View, and what else, as well a structure 10?

      Years ago, I was talking about this with an old friend of ours, who lived in Stenness. She remembered when Loch View was being built and said that, when the foundations were being dug, stone walls were found there. But, that was a different time, and building went ahead.
      What she said gave me much food for thought. The dig at the Ness hadn’t even started when we were discussing this – our conversation was prompted by the first two little squares of turf being lifted, down by the gate, in the field which became the site of The Ness dig. So, folk did know there was something there, but, what’s known in the community, doesn’t always filter through to Academia.

      Sometimes, members of the community become part of local Academia, and that helps!

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