William Wallace #OnThisDay

On 23rd of August 1305 William Wallace was executed.

On 3rd of August Wallace was betrayed and captured by the English and their King Edward I.

” the body of that William should be cut up and divided and cut up into four quarters, and that the head thus cut off should be affixed upon London bridge in the sight of those crossing both by land and by water, and one quarter should be hung on the gibbet at Newcastle upon Tyne, another quarter at Berwick, a third quarter at Stirling, and a fourth quarter at St John’s town [Perth] as a cause of fear and chastisement of all going past and looking upon these things &c.” Wallace’s Execution

Link: The Wallace by Blind Harry

The execution was not the end of William Wallace but the beginning

“The story of Wallace poured a Scottish prejudice in my veins which will boil along there till the floodgates of life shut in eternal rest.”


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Robert Bruce And William Wallace credit Md.altaf.rahman

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