The Cherokee Nation Constitution #OnThisDay

On 6th of September 1839 the Cherokee Nation Constitution was ratified.

Gold was discovered in 1828 within the Cherokee nation in Georgia. At this time the Cherokee nation had a written language, a newspaper and a constitutional government.

Over the years a number of treaties with the US had given away much of the lands of the Cherokee. Pressure was on for the lust for gold. In 1835 some of the Cherokee leaders signed The Treaty of New Echota. This would relocate the nation much further west. A petition signed by thousands protesting the removal was ignored.

The forced removals began in 1838 and people were rounded up including those whites who had married into the Cherokee nation and slaves.

They were penned into stockades until they were forced to journey the huge distance across America. It is estimated that over 4,000 people may have died in the pens and on the march.

The forced removal of 60,000 native Americans took place between 1830 and 1850 under The Indian Removal Act.

The Cherokee People who survived the death march rebuilt their homes and on 6th of September 1839 was born the Cherokee Nation Constitution.

You can find out more via this link: Cherokee Nation

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