Students In Scotland Encouraged Not To return Home

The Scottish Government is encouraging students in Scotland not to return home but to remain in their term time accommodation.

Speaking on Sunday, 27th September, Richard Lochead Minister for Further Education, Higher Education and Science said:

“We would encourage students to remain living in their current accommodation where they are able to, so they can continue to benefit from both a blend of digital and in-person learning, where that is possible and the opportunity to engage with others, within the restrictions, to build new networks and to make new friends.”

He also thanked students for ” playing their role at this very difficult time when they are trying to benefit from further and higher education against a backdrop of a global pandemic.”

The advice to students and their families can be found here: Student accommodation – guidance on visits home

The guidance applies from today, 28th of September.

We want students to be able to return safely to family homes at Christmas where they wish to do so. We are considering the best approach for the festive break but, given no one can predict the future path of the pandemic, we will update the guidance in due course.

Students who are isolating and who have to return home must not use public transport to do so. The whole household will also have to isolate.

Further information for students residing in the private rented sector can be found on the Student Information Scotland website.

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And whether or not you are a student the best advice is to follow FACTS. To download the NHS Scotland Covid contact tracing app click on this link: Protect Scotland

You can check out the rules, guidance and laws here: Coronavirus (COVID-19): what you can and cannot do

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