Sgathaich: Monster Girl Doctor

This was quite lucky. Just before I start my October season of reviews, the anime I was watching this season finishes. So before we start cowering from monsters, let’s learn the tale of their doctor.

Monster Girl Doctor is a fantasy anime series based on a light novel. For anyone wondering, no this isn’t an isekai. The first moments of the anime tells us the history of this world. There has been a war between humans and monsters for so many years neither side can remember why it has started, and that eventually the war ended a few years ago.

Here we are introduced to Dr Glenn a young doctor who specializes in monsters and lives in the fairly recent city of Lindworm. We are also introduced to his childhood friend and fellow doctor Saphentite Neikes an albino lamia.

The Series is a semi episodic. While each episode is part of the ongoing narrative, the individual episodes also focus on one character or ailment – most of these based on various ailments of the character that majorly features in that episode (and the episode is often named after). These can range from featuring the ailments of a mermaid or why a harpy is unable to fly, people who watch medical shows should be familiar with those. Episodes with this format have the mystery element of trying to work out what is wrong with the patient.

The other type of episode is those that are more focused on character dynamics and developments.

The large female cast (as the only major male character is Glenn, though there are a few semi recurring males) does mean this is partially a harem series so take your pick of your waifus (the lamia is taken). Fortunately unlike other shows with a large female cast, the lead character is not some blank slate insert yourself kind of guy. No he’s an attractive intelligent young doctor. Also only a few of the lead girls have a true romantic interest in him while others it’s more of an affection.

Since this show is adapted from light novels you can see it divided into 3 sort of arcs. First is the opening arc, which is a good one to tell if you like the show. In fact the first episode alone is a good indicator if you will like the format of the show; at no point did I feel the need to tell people, no no it gets better!

My main issue with the show is that it just tip toes close to ecchi. Not helped that the first scene introducing Glenn is him giving a female Minotaur a breast exam, of which a friend when I brought it up said that is how it’s done apparently. But other scenes also tip toe close to going “is this series getting ecchi again?” which is a shame as when it’s not doing that I enjoy it.

The Series has a dub that is not bad for those people that don’t like having to read subs. For those of you wanting a fantasy series that’s a little bit different I recommend this, just be wary of those times it goes a bit eeeegh.

Well… now it’s time for us to get a little bit scared of the… oh right all the stuff that’s happened this year.. Well time for us to distract us from the scary stuff that’s happened this year for a few classic fears.


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