Sgathaich: Hazbin Hotel

Well my dear readers, we have had quite an unfortunate year. I myself have had multiple emotional breakdowns due to events.. So as a kindness to you all let us start this year’s Halloween proceedings with something a little less horrifying as we delve into the bowels of Hell itself.

Hazbin Hotel is a black comedy musical web cartoon produced by Vizipop as a pilot (good news its been picked up) set in Hell.

Opening up on a sad song we are given the information we need. Hell has an overcrowding issue, so to sort this out every year or so the angels come down and… do a cull. We open up proper on Hell just after one such cull as the denizens of Hell quickly get back to all the debauchery you expect… oh this isn’t for kids the thumbnails openly state that. What animated shows aren’t all for kids ? Get out of that foolish mentality. People like you are one of the reasons Jim Henson had to come to the UK to get the Muppets made.

So yes this an adult animated web cartoon (also no just because it’s adult doesn’t mean it is well that kind of adult just means it deals with adult topics).

Anyway Charlie the Princess of Hell has a plan to deal with the overcrowding, and on a news program she gives out while rather nervous but with the reassurance of her girlfriend Vaggie what her plan is. A hotel to help rehabilitate demons so they can get out of Hell that way… which she then explains in song despite Vaggie’s warning, though you do see her claims watched by some notable figures. Unfortunately after her big musical number turns out the out person she had actually press ganged into the hotel is currently on a rampage with a friend. Which results after some insults from the news woman in an all out brawl.

We get a few rather heartfelt moments on the way back to the hotel that show just how much love they have put into these characters and it’s great to see that much care being rewarded by this getting picked up.

It’s then we are introduced to best character and outright evil demon, Alastor the radio demon who talks like an old time radio broadcaster. I really like Alastor, he’s very open about why he wants to help. He doesn’t think they can be rehabilitated but wants to see them fail over and over again for his entertainment, and he also gets a musical number.

The pilot is up to watch on YouTube and they even dubbed it into multiple languages. A few months back they even did a new musical number staring Angeldust one of the characters that I admit I’ve replayed a lot. The whole thing is only about half an hour and a good watch for people (they also have done a spin off set in the universe called Helluva Boss that you can also watch the pilot of). Once again this is not for kids… then again most things I review in October aren’t for children so just warning you, there’s naughty language and themes of a sexual nature.

Rating: spear spear spear spear 

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