Bernie Bell’s John Rae Challenge!

By Bernie Bell

Some years ago, when visiting a friend in St. Peter’s Old Folks Home, I would tend to do most of the talking, as Mike is The Quiet Man, and our elderly friend found making conversation tiring.  She may have found me tiring too, but I don’t think so.

One day, when visiting and jibber-jabbering away, an old lady across the room suddenly barked “Will that wife ever stop talking?”

I’m known for it – one acquaintance once said that I couldn’t stop talking.  I said I can – but I don’t choose to!

So, what would be a challenge for me?  Not to speak for  a day?  Much too difficult – can’t be done – I’d explode!

How about half a day? Mike  (with, I’m sure, no ulterior motive), suggested between the hours of 2 and 5 on the 31st of October – Halloween.

And who would like to sponsor me to do this?  Mike, who says he’ll sponsor me for £20 an hour.  Maybe Philip?  Philip is my oldest friend, who, many years ago, gave me a badge with a Mute Swan on it.  Subtle.

And anyone else who feels inclined to get ‘that wife’ to zip it for a few hours – please feel free to go to 

and sponsor the sound of silence, while helping to restore the sounds of life, to the Hall of Clestrain.

Me, taking instruction from ‘A Book of Silence’ by Sara Maitland

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