Our Dear Queen……………..

By Bernie Bell

When I saw the report of Lizzie Two breaking Lockdown for the first time since March – with not a face-mask in sight among her entourage – my first response was “How marvellous to see our Dear Queen giving such a good example to her people.”  

(Tongue firmly in cheek).

Then I thought – it does underline the importance of us each doing what we believe to be the right thing.  She is The Queen, but she is also a very old lady – in one of the groups who need to be most careful about infection.

Should her family have advised her against this line of action?  Should her advisors have…… advised her?

When push comes to shove, she is The Queen, and may see herself, or be seen by others, as being above the rules. But, at the same time  – weeeeel – she doesn’t appear to really wield much power these days, does she?

Does she just do as she’s told?  And, if so, by whom?

Or, in this case, could she have said something along the lines of………………

“One would rather stay at home, with a nice cup of tea, than go among the diseased populace.”

She must have thought that many times in her long reign.  I wouldn’t want her job, not for any money or amount of status. 

So, as the plebs of London go into a tighter level of restrictions, Lizzie Two goes walkabout.

What’s to say? Seriously – what’s to say?  What do these people think they’re doing?

We have to make our own decisions, and behave accordingly. That’s about what it comes down to – whether Queen or Commoner.

There is no point in trying to behave as though nothing is happening – it is – a lot is happening.

Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

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