Poetry Corner: Lines Inspired By The Return Of The Peedie Chippie!

By Bernie Bell

Oh Peedie Chippie
Oh Peedie Chippie
Oh Peedie Peedie Peedie!
I likes to eat
I likes to eat
I’m greedy greedy greedy!
Chips at home
Just aren’t the same.
And ‘scraps’ not to be had.
But Peedie Chippie
Chips & Scraps -
Consistently  - no’ bad!!!!
We’ve missed you
On a Friday night -
No other chippie will do.
So, from The Bells
To the Chippie Folk
To you!!!

It was the first meal which we hadn’t prepared ourselves, for 7 months!  The weekend – starts here!

The Peedie Chippie is in Finstown on Friday  – from 4-8 pm.  And in Stromness on Saturday – from 4-8 pm.

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