New Regulations on Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms Delayed Till 2022

Due to the economic impact and consequences of Covid19 there will be a delay of a year in Scotland to the implementation of new regulations on smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

The Orkney News reported on this legislation in 2019 which had given 2 years notice of implementation. Every Home in Scotland Required to Have Fire Safety Devices Fitted in the Next 2 Years

The legislation will now come into force in February 2022.

It was the tragedy of the fire in the tower block at Grenfell that concentrated the minds of politicians and the public on fire safety. Indeed with more people working from home and spending more time indoors, having functioning smoke and carbon monoxide alarms is more important than ever.

Grenfell By Natalie Oxford via Wikimedia Commons

The improved standards will mean every home in Scotland must have a smoke alarm fitted in the living room or lounge, and in circulation spaces such as hallways and landings. The changes also mean every kitchen must have a heat alarm, and the alarms will have to be interlinked so they can be heard throughout the property. There must also be a carbon monoxide alarm where there are fixed combustion appliances. 

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