Christmas Lights for North Ronaldsay

A message from North Ronaldsay – Can You Help?

We are one the few communities across Scotland not to have outdoor festive lights around Christmas time. With Covid restrictions, the usual Christmas events in Kirkwall (mainland Orkney) and further afield look set to be cancelled. It seems likely that many islanders will be unable to celebrate in the normal way and be with family during the festive period. 

North Ronaldsay has only 62 residents, and the island’s primary school being closed for over 3 years. However, this year a young family have moved to the island bringing hope that the island can thrive once more. 

A festive display of lights on the island will bring joy to residents of all ages. In years to come the lighting ceremony can provide an additional social event, for the community to come together. 

Please contribute what you can to help make our island a more festive place and attractive to more families!

Click on this link to the Crowdfunder: Christmas Lights on North Ronaldsay

Virtual Switch On

Join us online for the Christmas Lights switch-on! Featuring local musicians. You will also receive a recipe for mulled wine/non-alcoholic punch before the event so you can join in by making your own. If you’d like to send a photo or video of your Christmas lights/decorations at home we will show them during the countdown to our switch-on.

Image by Louise Dav from Pixabay

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