Girls Just Wanna’ Have Fun………..

By Bernie Bell

I watched ‘Britain’s Favourite 80’s Songs’ on Channel 5 on Christmas evening

I’m cautious about watching these kind of programmes, as they often don’t have much music, but do have a whole gang of ‘Rentapundits’ blathering on. Often, they are too young to have been around at the time, and the impression I get is that they’ve read about it somewhere – which isn’t the same as being there.  However, this one was good – plenty of music, some of the genre which I describe as 80’s shite, but a lot of good stuff, too.  Makes me want to go to an 80’s disco and get down to Prince, The Police, Blondie, Tina Turner etc. etc.

The playlist included ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ by Cyndi Lauper….. 

…….and some of the pundits were saying that the song was influence by Punk, New Wave and Women’s Lib. Well, I think it was influenced simply by Cyndi Lauper – being who and what she is. 

In the 14th Century, in Geoffrey Chaucer’s  ‘Canterbury Tales’ , she might have been the Wife of Bath. In the 17th or 18th Centuries, one of those women who crossed deserts on camels, or mountains on mules. Or who married a Marquis, ran up gambling debts and were – scandalous!

She’s just Cyndi  – a girl who wants to have fun – not fixed in time or place or limited by definitions.

The most recent time I saw Cyndi on the television, was on ‘Later with Jools Holland’ in – maybe 2012? – doing Bluesy stuff, and – living it!

She defies limitations imposed on her by the pundits, who don’t have half the courage and ability she has.

Yes, Cyndi, girls do just wanna have fun – and they do – and will continue to do so –

The programme will be repeated on New Year’s Eve – Prince gets multiple tracks played, culminating in ‘Purple Rain’.  He just wanted to have fun, too.

And now, I’m going to buy ‘Colour by Numbers’ by Culture Club  – I had the vinyl album – sold it when hard up.

And, a compilation by UB40, and The Eurythmics. Why don’t we have anything by The Eurythmics?  An omission soon to be rectified.

There are drawbacks to getting older, one of which is increasing physical decrepitude, but a plus side is remembering this music, and the good times that went with it. And still dancing to it – in the kitchen if necessary.

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