Editorial: A Letter Tae America

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Dear America,

Like the vast majority of people all around the world, sitting here in Orkney, I was shocked at the scenes unfolding in Washington.

The rise of Trump was one of the first events we covered in The Orkney News when folk in Orkney came together on the Kirk Green, in Kirkwall to demonstrate against Trump and in solidarity with the People of America.

Those Orkney folks came from all walks of life. A mixter maxter of people concerned about their fellow human beings across the Atlantic.

Trumpism has infested everywhere and even in our islands it has supporters.

It’s use of fake news across social media.

The language of hate and racism given a voice by ambitious politicians who latched onto those messages for their own ends.

The Constitution of your Republic and your Democracy will prevail against this tide of Trump incited destruction.

We wish you all the best for 2021 and we wish you a safe recovery from Trump.

Yours, Fiona Grahame, Editor, The Orkney News

Kirkwall Protest Against Trump Muslim Ban in 2017 (A. Laird)

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  1. Hi Fiona, had much the same thoughts myself plus I don’t ever want to hear any righteous American criticising other countries democracy, ‘pots calling kettles black’ and all that.

  2. Good article well written Fiona
    I stay up until 2am this morning watching these scenes unfold and I was pleased that politicians on both sides of the house condemned this action once the debate got back underway and was pleased to hear Trump described in that chamber as the worst President ever!
    I was also shocked, but not surprised, to hear that Trump himself led the perpetrators on the first leg of their march to Capitol Hill

  3. Whilst everybody was shocked when events unfolded across the pond yesterday, I don’t think anybody was really surprised. The question is now: what else will this man be capable of during his last two weeks? And will America have learned the lesson that it may not be a good idea to let just anybody become president? Many countries make it a requirement that everybody applying for citizenship is of good character and sound mind. It is inconceivable that such a precondition evidently does not apply for US presidency.
    But there is still hope: that he lost the vote demonstrates that America is still able to rid themselves from him, like a organism can rid itself from a nasty pus-filled blister… and hopefully start a healing process.

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