Letter: “Bully Boys”

Dear Orkney News,

envelopeIt was claimed, that, possibly, Mr. Putin helped Mr Trump to win the election for President of the USA.  Seemed un-likely, but, you never can tell. They were big chums, for a while.  Now, Mr Trump has said goodbye to the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces treaty, and Mr Putin has responded …symmetrically.

It’s what bully boys do…..bullies like bullies.  They don’t like to be bullied by them, but they like the idea, that they will join them in bullying the people that they also don’t like. They like to stick together, and buy each other drinks and clap each other on the back and tell each other what good guys they are, and how they’ll stand together, against the ‘others’.  This works, until one of them tries to push the others around, then the flaw comes in…….they like to band together, but don’t actually like to be pushed around by anyone. They like to do the pushing around.

Once this kind of thing gets going, there are too many bullies, trying to do the bullying, and, often, the ‘pack of cards’, collapses. I hope this current situation will collapse, dissolve, be resolved reasonably, before we head back to the kind of paranoia which similar situations have produced in the past.

And, meanwhile, we, the people, sit in the middle, trying to get on with our lives, while the Alpha males throw their poo at each other.

Strange days indeed.

Yours, Bernie Bell, Orkney

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  1. I agree to a certain extent about both of them being bullies but I have to ask which one of the two is bullying Syria, Korea, Iran, Venezuela et al? Not Putin. Certainly, he is in Syria but was invited by the elected government. USA has bases all over the world and is intent on destroying any country that stands in its way.

  2. We’re in agreement about America, and its ‘bases’, but I am also thinking about the countries which have been ‘annexed’ by Russia, over the years.

    In the present situation, does it matter if the damage is caused by the greater or the lesser of the bullies?
    It’s posturing, and dangerous posturing, on both sides.

    And then we have China………..

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