An Archaeologists Work Is Never Done………….

By Bernie Bell

The Islands of Orkney are well known for their beautiful scenery and varied wildlife, but they are also world famous for their sites of archaeological and historical interest.

Usually, in the summer season digs take place at various sites, the three ‘main‘ ongoing sites being the Ness of Brodgar , The Cairns broch in South Ronaldsay , and the dig at Swandro in Rousay

Unfortunately,  last year the digs couldn’t take place, due to that ****** virus, and it’s hard to know what will happen this year – the archaeologists involved will, no doubt, be working on the possibilities.  They are also still working behind the scenes.

For the Swandro dig, this includes sifting through the deposits, looking for the finer finds, such as ….fish bones!

Might not seem too glamorous, but, the bones which are found on a site can tell ‘them as knows’  a lot about the diet and habits of the folk who lived there long ago.

A similar exercise is taking place sifting through the deposits from The Cairns , and they have found GOOD THINGS, including beads – I likes it when they find beads…..

I’ve written, repeatedly, about the dig at the Ness of Brodgar and mentioned how work continues at the University of the Highlands  & Islands, scrutinizing the finds from that site – there’s an awful lot of pottery to get through!

I thought I’d put this together in the hope of keeping Orkney archaeology in the public eye, and maybe bring in some donations to help to keep, not only the work at the digs going, but also the whole huge gamut of other kinds of work needed to try to make sense of these sites.

For information on what’s happening with archaeology in Orkney in general, you could check out the Orkney Archaeology Society…

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