Smallbear Gets Her Covid Jab!!!!

By Bernie Bell

Saturday morning, and off to the New Balfour for my first Covid jab.  First of all, a BIG gold star to the bloke in the JCB shovelling the snow off the road approaching Kirkwall. He would shovel it away – the wind would start to blow it back – he’d shovel it away again – GOOD MAN!!!!

Then, at the Balfour, there were two blokes outside, directing and reassuring us as we queued. Inside, a bloke who asked folk to sanitize their hands, then said when and where to go to your seat, then – working with a lass who appeared intermittently at the doorway – when to go through for your jab.  Team work – working well. As I sat and waited, I worked out what his system was, and it was a good one – kept everything and everyone flowing smoothly.

Then, through to be ticked off the list, then through for my jab, where I  told the nurse about my ‘reactive system’, as advised to do by my GP. The nurse was great – she listened, went to get a second opinion – I was asked some questions, and was told that they would use the appropriate vaccine. I was re-assured, re-assured all round, in every way possible – by their words, and their interest and approach to the situation.

The nurse was chatting away, and gave me my jab before I even noticed.  It really is nothing at all – like pricking your finger when you’re sewing.

Then, I was to sit for 15 minutes to make sure I was OK – and I was!

Mike was on hand to take me home.

I did feel peculiar – very peculiar at times, but not what could be called unwell.  I was prepared for feeling peculiar, and was just pleased that it wasn’t anything worse than that!

Just to say, if you have any concerns, do tell the nurse, who I’m sure will re-assure you and help you to feel more….comfortable.

All in all, from the men outside the Balfour, through to the marshalling lady who checked I was OK before I left the building, the people were friendly, concerned, re-assuring, and cheery.  How they manage that, doing what they do all-day, is a wonder to me – and they are a wonder, every blesséd one of them.

It was a bit of a sociable morning too, we saw two chums, and we all gave each other the ’thumbs up’ – all getting our jabs – defying the cold!

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