My Story Continues: ‘Change is the only constant’


Reflecting on being in hospital on the receiving end of care after brain surgery the ‘Angels’ applause on doorsteps was definitely not enough. It never will be. 

Nor was it for the cleaning staff ,porters, catering staff and ancillary workers who keep the heating running. 

Or for the administration staff who now collect clean clothes and personal items at reception to go to the wards. Delivery ‘pour moi ‘ later I am hoping. 

Hallowed be the brain surgeons. Their skill and knowledge may just have saved my life. They said they were pleased by the before and after pictures of the scans. Big meeting on Wednesday to discuss the future. More physio as well today. 

Reorganisation of the ward happened last night. Change is the only constant. Amongst all this is healing and kindness in abundance. 

Yet nursing staff and other hospital staff still experience the full range of discrimination at work- why? I have seen it. They seek support and solidarity with each other in lovely ways making me feel both proud and disgusted at being a human being in equal measure.

In amidst the carnage of meals being served, bedpans being emptied and toilets being unblocked there is learning taking place here. A small tutorial taking place with staff learning on the job nestled close by the nurses station. It’s impressive. It’s easy to forget that people here have home lives too and as well as helping me to recover from brain surgery they have kids struggling with home schooling. 

A post script from yesterday is that David the  New Romantic OMD fan I met in the 80’s went on to a successful career in nursing. 

Hoping my journey continues well. Thinking of the physio and the pathway ahead of me this ‘memory jogger’ is quite apt. It brings back good memories. Saw Lady Smith Mambazo at Kelvingrove Glasgow they were amazing. 

Photo Kenny Armet

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  1. Dream Angus, you are amazing, heart rending and uplifting. Thanks for your sharing and as a South African by birth, the rhythm of Ladysmith Mumbaza sounds like good “medicine”. Wishing you well. 💕

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