M*A*S*H #OnThisDay

On the 28th of February 1983 the final episode of M*A*S*H aired on US TV.

Constantly repeated the series followed the work of a M.A.S.H., Medical Army Surgical Hospital, unit during the Korean war.

The series started in 1972 and was a spin off from the film and book .The US was still involved in the war in Vietnam and the bitter sweet comedy became immensely successful.

The theme tune was also a top hit, Suicide is Painless.

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  1. When the film came out, me and my friend were 15 years old – so, allegedly under age to see it. We were uppity, politically minded young people – we wanted to see this film – so, we did.

    That film is the kind of thing where censorship can prevent information and knowledge of the reality of a situation from getting out into the world.

    I believe that a film such as that, can help with the development of awareness in the young.

    Then I watched the series when that came out. Not as hard – hitting, played more for laughs, but still some solid stuff in there.

    By the by – welcome back Dream Angus.

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