Kirkwall Volunteers Needed for Cost of Living Research

Researchers focussing on how islanders living in or near Kirkwall are being affected by the cost of living are looking for more volunteers.

They would like to hear from two specific groups:

  • Pensioners (people who are retired)
  • Working age people (no dependents) who are part of a couple

The findings of the research by Loughborough University is into the needs and costs experienced by people – ‘the Minimum Income Standard for Remote and Rural Scotland’. They have been commissioned by the Scottish Government to gather evidence of real examples of how the cost of living is affecting people.

The interactions will take place virtually using the zoom platform.

The Zoom focus groups are being held on:

Working Age (no dependents) – Monday 8th March from 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Pensioners –  Tuesday 9th March from 10am – 1pm

All volunteers will receive a £50 voucher from either Tesco or Amazon for taking part and giving up 3 hours of their time.

To take part you do not need to be an expert in anything, you just have to live in Kirkwall or within 10 miles.  Practice with Zoom can be given in advance.

For more information please contact Jo on 07851 969871 or email

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