Sgathaich: Kirby’s Adventure

Ah Kirby. Cute cuddly and probably Nintendo’s most powerful character. A loveable blob with a cute face that will go on genocide wars over cake and face off against a cosmic horror at the end of his games.

Kirby’s second game (yes second his first game was Kirby’s Dream Land on the GB) has him move onto the NES allowing the pink puffball to be now viewable in colour (plus showing he’s pink). It sees Kirby face off once more against that dastardly king Dedede who has shattered the Star Rod and thus prevented the people of Dream Land from having dreams. So it’s up to Kirby to reclaim the shattered Rod and return it to the Fountain of Dreams, however he is not only inhibited by Dedede but also the mysterious Meta Knight making his first appearance.

It’s this game that introduced Kirby’s ability to eat enemies and gain their powers as opposed to just spewing back. While we take this for granted now its surprising to learn that Kirby’s most iconic ability first appeared in his second game. But this then means we start to see the levels expand more than we saw in Dream Land. Certain powerups allow for access to different areas which contain secrets something that is now standard in Kirby games.

Each world has its own hub area containing doors to the different levels. Completing a level opens up more of that map revealing more levels, bonus games, museums to get power ups easy and arenas to fight the minibosses easily to get their powerups. Continue till you get to the boss door and then move onto the next world till the end.

The game was remade with new graphics in 2002 as Nightmare in Dream Land which also included the ability to play through the game as Meta Knight once you completed it 100% in both normal and extra difficulty. This would be the version I would recommend playing over the original.. but it’s a wee bit harder to find since the original is on the Switch online services so if you have a Switch its right there instead of having to hunt down something to play GBA games and a game nearly 20 years old. Still that is the better version.

Regardless this is an important game for fans of Kirby given it’s the first appearance of his iconic power and one of the franchises best characters with Meta Knight. It won’t take too long to complete however. Free tip, the hammer power you only get from a mini boss is used for a bunch of hidden stuff if you fight him get that power.

Rating: spear spear spear spear

Kirby’s Adventure

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