Councillor Scott Signs Up With The Scottish Greens

Orkney Islands Councillor John Ross Scott has joined the Scottish Greens and hopes to stand for the Party in next year’s council elections. He will continue to sit as an Independent as that was the ticket he was elected on.

John Ross Scott said:

“I have always taken a keen interest in policies concerning communities, equality and the environment, and I firmly believe that the Greens are the party leading the drive for a positive future that will be vital in our post Covid years.

“Seeing the positive impact of Green MSPs and local Councillor Steve Sankey has encouraged me to be part of the Greens for change movement.

“It is only right, however, that – since the people of Kirkwall East voted me onto the Council as an Independent Councillor – I should continue my work as an Independent until the May 2022 elections. My aim over the forthcoming year will be to liaise with like-minded Councillors to bring about change in the way we do things in Orkney.

“It has not been an easy journey over the past year, but the people of Orkney have been so supportive towards my efforts to entice Orkney Islands Council to become more open and accountable.”

L-R Councillors John Ross Scott and Steve Sankey (Orkney Greens)

The Scottish Greens have the only councillor on Orkney Islands Council who represents a national political party.

Welcoming Councillor Scott as a member of the Scottish Greens, OIC Councillor Steve Sankey , Co-convenor of Orkney Greens said:

“I’m delighted that John has decided to join the Greens. His familiar refrains of ‘open-ness, accountability and sustainability’ are the corner stones of the Scottish Green Party, and so he’s among friends.

“The most important job on the immediate horizon is the Scottish election on 6 May, when we’re hoping that the electorate will return a record number of Green MSPs to the Scottish Parliament. John has already been helping us behind the scenes to do just that in Orkney, and his wealth of experience in the public sector is proving a great asset.”

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