Loneliness #DayOfReflection


With days so long they never pass

Until with night-time blending,

They yield to what now is, alas,

More dark hours never-ending.

The dragging hours again restart

With next day’s weary yawning,

As heavy eyelids draw apart

On morning’s dreary dawning.


If matters not if sun does shine

On rainbow archly curled,

Or thunders crash as hailstones whine

Upon a darkened world.

For neither Nature’s warmth or strife

Affects abandoned senses,

That waken to a lonely life

Bereft of all pretenses.


Like landscapes of a rough terrain

In vista stretching endless,

Or arid desert’s stony plan

Of parched and sandy dryness,

There’s nothing there as counterpart

To a life with bleakness fraught,

Nothing to uplift a lonely heart

Now forever grief distraught.

CHRISTIE GRAHAME (Poems of Love and Loss)

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