Plant Focus: Marsh Marigold

Marsh Marigold (Caltha palustris)

The large, golden flowers of Marsh-marigold certainly look like the cups of kings; indeed, the Latin name, Caltha,is derived from the Greek for ‘goblet’, and this plant is also commonly known as ‘Kingcup’.

It is a widespread flower of ponds, marshes, damp meadows, ditches and wet woodland and is a conspicuous spring flower.

Marsh-marigold is also a good plant to add to a wildlife-friendly pond, providing shelter for frogs and early nectar for insects.

Find out more here: The Wildlife Trusts

Credit Bell

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    • confusedbear – there’s only one pic – and it’s of a Marsh Marigold!

      As it’s Mike’s photo I asked him for confirmation and he said …..

      “A Marsh Marigold generally has five rather rounded petals, and is altogether more robust.
      Celandine has seven or more quite elongated petals, and is generally slighter in form.
      But – they are closely related.”

      Here’s a Celandine…..

      • Rosie is commenting on the original post which I edited after viewing it

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