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  1. Life – Death – Rebirth is the oldest recognition and everlasting background for every religious belief, later on symbolized in the spiral.

    Marianne Pollich, Germany

    • Hello Marianne – and, as you know, the spiral is at the basis of life itself in many forms. Ref. the Fibonacci Numbers. No wonder we humans love it so much!

  2. It occurred to me that folk might like to know the origins of the images…here goes…

    First – An iron spiral made for me by friend Wendy – who is a blacksmith.
    Second – Ceramic at the Ewe Garden Sculpture Trail, West Cork, Republic of Ireland.
    Third – Metal spiral, also at Ewe Garden Sculpture Trail.
    Forth – Ceramic by Lotte Glob, a wonder of a ceramicist who lives & works by Loch Eriboll, Scotland.
    Fifth – Spiral of Life in the Kilmartin Stone, by Kilmartin Church, by Martin Murphy.
    Sixth – Fossils at The Fossil & Heritage Centre, Burray, Orkney.
    Seventh – Spiral on stone bench, Happy Valley, Orkney.
    Eighth – Snails in a sheep’s skull, in our garden.
    Ninth – Unfurling fern, up the road from us.
    Tenth – Newgrange Cairn, Bru Na Boinne, Republic of Ireland.

  3. The math of emergence. Creation out of iteration. And the map to the center of the labyrinth.

  4. I put this together for Beltane – 1st May – Spring – return of life.

    Then, Marianne placed her comment, and I responded. Then Fred commented, too.

    Way back, all over the world, humans carved, drew, liked, revered the spiral, and – time and again, here and there – by careful placing, produced the combination of light, through a gap in stone, onto the spiral. Light – the sun, bringing life, as it does. Where would we be without it?

    Now, we are aware of the science of the spiral, how it is the basis of so much in the natural world, in LIFE.
    So, I’m wondering did the ancient peoples – the very ancient peoples – know the science of the spiral too?
    Is this more encoded knowledge which we lost, then found – and are finding – again?
    Just a thought.

    Let the sun shine in.

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