Candidate Focus: Michael Willis, Scottish Family Party

Scottish Parliament Election: Highlands and Islands Regional Candidates

When you vote in the Scottish Parliament elections on Thursday 6th of May 2021.There are two ballot papers.

  1. Orkney Constituency – First Past the Post – you have one vote
  2. Highlands and Islands Region – you have one vote – you vote for a political party or an independent individual.

Michael Willis Scottish Family Party

Michael Willis is the lead candidate for the Highlands and Islands Region for the Scottish Family Party.

The Scottish Family Party’s manifesto bears the slogan ‘ Strong families make for a strong nation’. It stands for ‘For Family, Marriage, and Life.’

Parents who smack their children should not be criminalised. We would seek to repeal the smacking ban legislation. The previous legislation was adequate to protect children.

Scottish Family Party Manifesto

You can find out more about the Scottish Family Party here:

Scottish Family Party website

Facebook page


Highlands and Islands Regional Vote

There are 2 people standing as independents (not in a political party) and there are political party lists.

If you vote for an individual that is recorded as a vote for that person.

If you vote for a political party then, depending on the share of the vote that party gets across the whole region, the candidates are elected from that party selected list. The political parties have ranked their candidates according to their selection rules of who they think is the top one etc.

There are two Independents standing on the H&I list

  • Hazel Mansfield
  • Andy Wightman

Scottish National Party (SNP)

  1. Emma Roddick
  2. Kate Forbes
  3. Maree Todd
  4. Fergus Ewing
  5. Tom Wills
  6. Mike MacKenzie
  7. Robert Leslie
  8. Rhiannon Spear
  9. Jamie Szymkowiak
  10. Qasim Hanif
  11. Ken Gowans
  12. Sarah Fanet


  1. Douglas Ross
  2. Edward Mountain
  3. Donald Cameron
  4. Jamie Halcro Johnston
  5. Tim Eagle
  6. Ella Robertson McKay
  7. Struan Mackie
  8. Sam Bown
  9. Gavin Berkenheger
  10. Nick Tulloch


  1. Rhoda Grant
  2. John Erskine
  3. Marion Donaldson
  4. Jo Kirby
  5. Coilla Drake
  6. Lewis Whyte
  7. Shaun Fraser

Scottish Greens

  1. Ariane Burgess
  2. Anne Thomas
  3. Fabio Villani
  4. Steve Sankey
  5. Debra Nicolson
  6. Sand Ownsett
  7. Topher Dawson
  8. Lisa Jane Mead
  9. Chris Ballance
  10. Isabella Sumsion
  11. Phyl Meyer
  12. Luna Martin

Liberal Democrat

  1. Alan Reid
  2. Molly Nolan
  3. Denis Rixson
  4. William Sinclair
  5. Sheila Ritchie
  6. David Gregg
  7. Neil Mitchison


  1. Kirk Torrance
  2. Craig Berry
  3. Josh Robertson
  4. Judith Reid

All For Unity

  1. Moira Ramage
  2. Patricia Watson
  3. Robbie Munro
  4. Donald Boyd
  5. Paul Burrows
  6. Alastair Kennedy
  7. Paul Bradburn

Reform UK

  1. Sandra Skinner
  2. Les Durance
  3. Kate Brownlie
  4. Catherine Mount


  1. Robert Stephenson
  2. Robert Scorer
  3. Michael Burger de Frémol
  4. Duncan Geddes
  5. Alan Breeze
  6. Bryan Foster

Abolish The Scottish Parliament

Jack Malcolm

Freedom Alliance

  1. Tina McCaffery
  2. Emma Idzidowska
  3. Phil Breed
  4. Gary Cheesman
  5. Anne McCloskey

Restore Scotland

  1. Brian Nugent
  2. Andrew Macdonald

Scottish Family Party

  1. Michael Willis
  2. Phillipp Tanzer
  3. Shena McLelland
  4. Sophie Hendry
  5. Dolores Hughes

Scottish Libertarian Party

  1. Harry Christian
  2. Calum Liptrot


  1. Sean Robertson
  2. Yolanda Piotrowicz
  3. Luke Ivory

You can find out more here: Ballot Box Scotland

Orkney Constituency- there are 4 candidates standing:

  • Samuel Bown – Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party.
  • Coilla Drake – Scottish Labour Party.
  • Robert Fraser Leslie – Scottish National Party (SNP).
  • Liam Scott McArthur – Scottish Liberal Democrats.

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  1. Why on earth are these people being given a platform at ON? Have you read their manifesto? It’s akin to fascism, terrifying. Very disappointing to say the least.

    • Hello ArtyHetty – I’m aware that you have very much disagreed with my view in the past, but, in this case, I entirely see why you are so angry – I do. Here’s my view on this subject, as placed in the ‘comments’ to the entry for the Conservative candidate…….

      “Hello Jack (Drever)
      I’m not on Facebook, so can’t respond there – also, it does let me look at the page, but not interact enough to see the replies or other comments.
      I do feel that I want to point out that – ‘The Orkney News’ is far from being ‘Tory Media’ Have a look through other items, and you’ll see that.
      In fact, I’ve been thinking it’s very good of Fiona G to publish stuff from all the candidates – she’s being very fair.
      And I’m not saying this because I contribute to TON! It’s just so – if a political candidate or party send her information, such as this, she will publish it – as long as it’s not offensive. That’s her policy.
      I also realise that Fiona is very, very capable of standing up for herself! But – I admire how fair she is being, publishing items from all parties.
      Oh – by the way – if ‘The Orkney News’ was Tory media, I would have nothing to do with it!!!!!!
      When I saw that particular item, I had to restrain myself from commenting that it will be a cold day in hell when I vote Tory!
      There, I’ve got that off my chest.”

      And, an email I wrote personally to someone about the parties and candidates in these elections – very much my personal view….

      “….there are some bloody strange parties standing in this election. If it wasn’t for social distancing, the hustings would have been a show in themselves!

      Did I ever tell you that, years ago, I knew someone who stood as a candidate for the Anal Hair Party – to highlight just how laughable local politics had become. He got some votes, too – he also got to stand on the balcony of the Town Hall with all the big-wigs when the results were read out ….”D**** B******* – Anal Hair Party – Nine votes.” This vastly amused him as he was a disreputable hippie who those people would normally cross the road to avoid.”

      Yes, it’s a mixed bag, some admirable, some questionable, some very questionable indeed – but – I still say good on Fiona for placing them all in front of the public.
      For that matter – it can show just how daft/mistaken/plain cuckoo some of them are! Maybe not a bad thing?

      • Hello again ArtyHatty – have you seen the Scottish Libertarian one?

        “End the lockdowns and all associated mandatory practices;”

        See what I mean?

      • Thanks Bernie, I have not seen that one so far…I suspect so many ‘parties’ are standing in the Scottish election to attempt to take some votes from pro independence parties, even a few could make the difference and the Britnats know that. They really are runing very scared indeed and will do anything to thwart a pro indy majority.

        Oh, I can’t remember disagreeing with you on anything but I am a cantankerous, opinionated soul so I probably did! 🙁

        I did consider the whole idea of giving each party/candidates a voice (to show balance) an airing on ON’s when I posted my comments…the first one went into moderation but didn’t inform me so I posted my less measured one after…sorry if it offends people.

        The problem I have with the ‘Scottish family party’ is that their whole manifesto goes against everything that a decent, forward looking, inclusive, 21st century Scotland is aspiring to. I find the very fact that they use ‘Scottish’ in their name, utterly offensive. Yes people need to know who is saying what and what their motives are, what I want to know is who is funding these extremist parties in Scotland?
        They are flooding Youtube with ads, which must be expensive as well.

        Fiona does an excellent job and I really value ON’s, so yes you are correct that it would be remiss to not include even far right wing parties, I just have to draw the line somewhere in what is tolerable in a modern forward looking Scotland, and seemingly dangerous extremism, which has no place in my adopted wonderful country.

        Btw I thought your account of the hairy bum party was very good!!

        Ps, one thing, I read ages ago that it is very difficult, nigh on impossible for new parties (left of centre usually!) to set up in England, so many obstacles are put in their way no doubt money being one of them, that doesn’t seem to be the case in Scotland. Hmm, just a thought.
        Pps. The SFP remind me of the film ‘The Stepford Wives’, funny but also very scary!

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