Letters: Thoughts on the Easing of Restrictions

Dear Orkney News,

I’ve noticed something….

It started when Boris Johnson recently announced that Covid restrictions are to be eased some more, and he said that people would be able to hug again ( while at the same time, in small print across the bottom of the news broadcast, reminding us that hugging is a major way of passing on the virus!).  But the main impression would be….”Isn’t he a good guy? First thing he thinks of is hugging –he’s one of us. He understands how much it matters to be able to hug our grandchildren..etc. etc.”

I have wondered who votes for him – now I think I’m getting some idea – folk for whom what matters is being able to hug their grandchildren, regardless of the possible danger to, not only themselves, but others too.  And….going to have a pint or a ‘G&T’ in your local.

Looks like that’s who votes for him.

Next thing, on the News – Boris stated that the government is going to have a full enquiry into the UK handling of the Covid crisis……in Spring next year. A year away.  Plenty of time for things to change some more, for people to forget a bit, and for the immediacy of the implications of the facts which might be revealed to have worn off a bit, too. Old news is no news.

And – it’s a Government enquiry – into the Government – do I have a lot of confidence in that? No, I don’t.

And again, I can hear them saying ….”Look at that  – he’s got nothing to hide – he’s instigating an enquiry.”

I know he isn’t stupid – the bumbling bit is show – and now he’s showing himself to be very clever indeed.

And what will be next?  I’ll keep my antennae out – will you?

Bernie Bell


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  1. Since writing the above – the next step in the media ‘Boris is a Good Guy’ campaign is……there’s talk of raising a memorial statue to the Health Workers. The English Government isn’t prepared to give them a decent pay rise, yet they will pay for a statue which will cost less, while having a more immediate popular appeal.
    Emotive things, statues.

    Memorials are usually raised when something is over. The situation produced by Covid, and the Government’s handling of it, isn’t over – not by a long way.

    I will continue to observe the ’Boris is a Good Guy‘ campaign with interest – antennae out for chicanery and false witness.

  2. And guess who has control over whether the report is published when completed? Or rejects if it doesn’t suit, or delays till after election or where he disagrees and the investigator resigns?
    None other than himself.

  3. Quite agree. He knows exactly what he is doing. His ‘mistakes’ are not mistakes.Those that vote for them are largely selfish and or fools. The affable bumbling idiot persona Boris puts across is a red herring that enables him to get away with treachory.

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