New Book: ‘The Hidden Kingdom Of Uktunnu’

A local woman and her daughter have 2 new books published.

 ‘The Hidden Kingdom Of Uktunnu’ by Fuschia Phlox is available on Amazon in kindle and print format.

The Hidden Kingdom Of Uktunnu is the history of magic. Generations of a magical family, hidden from the eyes of men until the modern world is ready to accept Variers.

Ashaya was an Inuit girl taken to another Kingdom far from her home a few thousand years ago. Krystal is a little girl who makes her way in the modern world despite the odds thanks to her determination and her friends.

It is their triumph over adversity, their mastery over magic, their ownership of their worlds using their skills. It is magic, mystery, a love story, the unavoidable magnetic pull of two people towards each other.

Written and illustrated by Fuschia Phlox with an accompanying soundtrack.

Fuschia said:

“It is historical fiction spanning Persian, Greece and the Celtic islands and tells the story of two young girls 5000 years apart. It also has Maeshowe and Skara Brae in it with illustrations by myself. There is also a soundtrack to the book coming out later in the year. The book has definitely been inspired by Orkney and the beautiful landscapes.”

Daughter Maya’s book is the second illustrated book in her Coptor Cat Series and it can be bought on Amazon smile and each purchase supports Cats Protection.

In the exciting second book of the Coptor Cat series, our flying heroine meets Mr Wiffin, one of the Queen’s corgis who has an extraordinary talent. There are kittens, robbers, diamonds and moldy cabbage pies. Whatever next?

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