Baby Birds, Boulders, Butterfly & Beach Art!

By Bernie Bell

Pics by B&M Bell

To Marwick on a fine – if windy – Sunday.

On a rock, by a wreck, a pair of Shelduck with their young……………

Nearby, matronly Eiders with their young – possibly a crèche, as Eiders do that – sharing childcare.

As we approached Sand Geo, we noticed something we’d never seen before. People like to make towers of stones on the Orkney beaches, but, in this case, the boulders had been placed in niches on the cliff-face. A bit of beach art – some might call it an installation.

Going down into the Geo we could see them more clearly…

And someone had built an armchair for a giant………

On our way back up out of the Geo, Mike noticed a Common Blue butterfly – that’s its name, but its beauty is far from common –

First one we’ve seen this year, it was by one of the fishermen’s huts…..

Possibly attracted by the roof of turf and flowers………..

We walked along the beach and encountered a bit of Edinburgh Brick Beach Art……….

Then sandwiches, and home for a nap.  Can’t beat it.

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