Jobs Summit Unanimous In Their Concerns Over HIAL’s Remote Towers

The Highlands and Islands Jobs Summit held this afternoon, Thursday, was well attended by MPs, MSPs and Councillors representing all five major parties in Scotland as well as independents, according to the organisers Prospect trade union.

Attendees were unanimous in their concern over HIAL’s proposals for relocating jobs to Inverness and agreed to continue working together to secure the best possible outcome for the Highlands and Islands.

HIAL is a private limited company wholly owned by Scottish Government Ministers. Its project to centralise air traffic control to a base in Inverness has been widely criticised including in its own commissioned Impact assessment.

The group formed today will continue to meet and will seek a collective meeting with Scottish Government ministers.

Prospect negotiations officer David Avery said:

“The proposal to remove these highly skilled jobs from Highlands and Islands has united communities and politicians from all parties in opposition and that was reflected at this incredibly positive meeting.

“Prospect are extremely grateful to those who attended for the strength of feeling shown, it is clear that this is regarded as a major issue affecting the local economies of the Highlands and Islands.

“We will be seeking an early meeting with Scottish Government Ministers to ask that they engage fully with the concerns about this project and seriously consider alternative proposals that would retain jobs in these communities whilst enhancing safety and resilience.”

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