OAS Calendar – October –  Involving People

By Bernie Bell

Liz Leese presents a picture of Midhouse Broch, Rousay – a very homely place  https://theorkneynews.scot/2017/05/18/bernie-bell-orkney-walks-with-stories-rousay/

…….. and also her tale of ancestor’s emigration.

Folk love to come to Orkney to find where their forebears came from, and take pictures to take home with them. 

That was one reason why I liked it that the OAS asked for pictures from Members when planning to put together this year’s calendar.  They received over 150, and of the 12 selected, it’s good to see so many by visitors to Orkney, some of whom have blood-ties to the islands.  For me, this makes the calendar more friendly…..more human. Involving people.

Orkney Archaeology Society

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