How to survive spinal trauma.

Don’t do what I did.

Life is about experimenting, if the reader would please, I would like to preface this entire piece, with an example.

How many of you have been to space? So all arguments about space and the view of it of us from here or there is all based on third hand knowledge from TV screens and people use that as a basis for arguments.

Now we are clear that we all live on a tesseract we can continue.

When receiving a greatly extreme life gift like a spinal injury, or you find yourself In the wilderness with a trapped limb and only a rusty spoon, eventually all kinds of things will cross your mind seeking solutions before the obvious has to be accepted and committed to.

It is with this rusty spoon dedication that I bring you my survival guide for epic scenarios.

When seeking, finding or riding dragons a rusty spoon is not what one might think of to rescue one self.

Rusty knife but never a rusty spoon although I suspect the theory is similar.

The internet being the wonderful being that it is, had me with as much immediate gusto for my state, searching with anticipation and nail biting tension for more information regarding this wonderful gift. Where dear reader do you think this man was to find the answers?

I shall tell you immediately with haste, they were surprisingly to be found amongst dogs and pregnant women. (not directly linked analogy it’s the nature of the condition and information sources at the time of injury!)

Lucky that distinction has been worked on tirelessly by Squads of independent, industrious female receivers of the CES gift.

Women have a lot more practice in tempering emotions into action effectively?

It has taken me 6 years to quench my deep, newly found depth of myself to which I was sharp to want to respond. It is with great luck I was bound so by my newly found condition.

I felt heroic after hearing about how hard women have their life’s with monthly visits from the great Satan herself. To have to read my condition on pregnancy blogs and hear “I would rather be squirting out a kid a day than put up with this” has had me at a loss on how to express, “if you ever wanted to know what a man would be like with a permanent period, I am he”

And so my dear newly found friends, I end the preface of my survival guide to surviving epic experiences. (For a man)

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