Plant focus: Devils Bit Scabious

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This is a very popular plant with small birds like finches and linnets for its seeds. There is a version for gardens which is popular with gardeners.

This plant tends to like well drained areas.The juice of ‘scabiosa herba‘ (from whence its common name derives) was given to alleviate plague sores.

In Belgium a girl would pick Scabious “buttons”, give each a lover’s name, and then choose her husband by the one that flowered best.

Common names include blackamoor’s beauty, pins-and-needles, snake flower, and curl-doddy (i.e. curly head).

The ‘pom-pom’ like nature of its flower has also given rise to alternative names such as Lady’s pincushion, bachelor’s buttons and blue bonnets.


Image credit Bell
Image credit Bell

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