Hope Cohousing: Creating Affordable Rental Homes

The project to construct Orkney’s first cohousing community has moved forward with those interested being updated at a meeting last Saturday, 25th September in the Cromarty Hall, St Margaret’s Hope.

The Orkney News first published news about the project in this article: Hope Senior Cohousing: A First For Orkney in 2019. Now 2 years on, and despite the delays due to the Covid pandemic, those behind the project are still working away to build a housing community for older people who wish to live independently.

Cohousing is not sheltered housing but consists of rented houses but with a common shared area.

During the last 18 months Hope Cohousing has been granted full planning permission. They have the site where building could begin and they have updated and improved the design of the houses.

They are also working with Cohousing Scotland , Sanday Development Trust and Care4Sanday. The Orkney project also works with Rural Housing Scotland the the UK Cohousing Network.

This excellent project is certainly one solution to housing older people in Orkney with affordable rented accommodation.

If you would like to find out more please visit the website: Hope Cohousing

Facebook page: Hope Cohousing

Or you can email the project: info.hopecohousing@gmail.com

There is also a video you can watch on YouTube but depending on your device you may require headphones to listen to it.

Fiona Grahame

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    Let it bring more and more success.
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