The Broch of Gorseness – The Build Progresses!

By Bernie Bell

Inspired by the Orkney Archaeology Society’s Brochtoberfest, and all things Brochy, we decided to make a mini-broch in our garden.

The work progresses, and the walls are rising – it’s even got a  little doorway – with a Dun Dornaigil lintel……

…… a triangular stone which we picked up off the beach near Eves Broch, Deerness.  More of which – later. 

As Mike builds the walls, I am incorporating……… a piece of Amethyst, a piece of Rose Quartz, a piece of Red Jasper, some White Quartz fragments, and a piece of Jade.  A heart-shaped stone from the beach, a couple of Groatie Buckies.

Weaving a spell for protection and good fortune.  Broch builders were, and are, magicy folk.

We’re now wondering how to go about making a roof. It will have to be solid, and be able to withstand the strong gales which hit our garden in the Autumn and Winter months – we’ve just experienced some!

We’re thinking maybe Willow withies fixed firmly to a wooden frame-work?  We have plenty of Willow stems – we’re forever needing to cut them back.

Someone commented….”God forbid Mike should trip over while building your new feature… would be broch ‘n’ roll 😂

To be continued……

You can check out the Broctoberfest events…here….

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  1. Incredible! Looking forward for the development.
    Keep the track. I’ve remembered Tove Jansson somehow. It was just her notes, that a friend gave an advice to make pictures and create stories for children from that (Moomins).
    This is an analogy, but your story is worth to be a good book.

    • Thank you Larilis!!! I’m not sure if it will become a book – if it becomes a broch we’ll be pleased enough!
      I do have ideas about who might live there – more of which later….

      I love the Moomin books – first read them as a child, and have read them I don’t know how many times since. They are good for when I need something to soothe me and/or distract me – Snufkin is my favourite character.
      Tove Janssen has also written ‘The Summer Book’ and ‘The Winter Book’ for ’grown-ups’ – both very good indeed.

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