Is This Where Our Big Brains Have Taken Us?

By Bernie Bell

One of the many bees in my bonnet is…that I like what I understand to be the attitude of the folk of the Neolithic, and often say it’s been downhill all the way since – let’s say the Bronze Age.  Yes, I do like Brochs, but that liking is an exception to my tendency to prefer the Pre-Bronze Age folk, who I perceive as looking to the skies and raising communal monuments, to the Iron Age tendency to look into the earth, and into themselves. I won’t go on about that here, as I’ve mentioned this as my way of seeing, before…..

I’ve also wittered about the benefits of working together, as individuals, before now……

And then, and then, I read this…..

Hmmm. Food for thought.  And I am reminded of Kurt Vonnegut’s novel ‘Galápagos’, the ’blurb’ for which says…..

“Darwin was inspired by the creature of the Galápagos – but over the next million years……the human survivors of ’The Nature Cruise of the Century’ are quietly evolving there into sleek, furry creatures with flippers – and small brains. All other forms of humankind have ceased to exist, finally made redundant by their own prized big brains.”

Where are we going? Deeper into the Anthropocene,?

Wherever our big brains lead us? 

But – if our brains are getting smaller – is there hope for us, in a different form?  Do we have time?

Some female African elephants are evolving to not have tusks. No tusks – no poaching for ivory.


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  1. Great article Bernie , I wonder what the outcome of our ” era” will be in the end ? Watching COP26 has been enlightening , especially as it relates to how one part of the species sees others and takes ( or fails to take ) responsibility for the whole.

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