A Tale Of Cruelty

By Bernie Bell

I’m not on Twitter, but look at the Twitter pages of some folk I know who post interesting things.  I saw a Tweet which is deeply disturbing.  It’s a film of a horrible woman kicking and punching a horse.  A horse who was just standing about, peacefully.

I suspect that she was letting out her temper on the unfortunate animal as she hadn’t been able to witness a fox being torn to pieces on that occasion.

I also noted that there is a young girl involved in the scene, standing by, learning – children learn what they see.

So I emailed The RSPCA  enqserv@rspca.org.uk  asking…..

“Is any action being taken to prosecute this woman?  It’s all there, on film, and the folk who filmed it will know how to trace her.

It’s what you are there for.

B. Bell


And I sent the link to the Tweet to people on my address list who I know to be good-hearted folk who might choose to also contact the RSPCA about this episode.

From the RSPCA, I received the following feeble, evasive response…..

“Hi Bernie

Thank you for contacting us.

This footage is really upsetting. We will always look into complaints made to us about animal welfare. We would urge anyone with first hand information about this incident to contact us on 0300 123 4999.

Kind regards

RSPCA Advice Team”

So I replied, saying …………….

“My email is a complaint about animal welfare, but is the RSPCA going to take action?

They really should.  You know they should.

B. Bell”

I’m a great believer in the dripping water strategy! 

Mike and I used to support the RSPCA with regular donations. Then they stopped taking in unwanted animals, putting a lot of pressure on the smaller animal sanctuaries which have less income and less publicity.  I had a strong exchange with them at the time, culminating in my telling them we were withdrawing our financial support and transferring it to other animal charities.

I think they are an example of an organization which has got too big, and is now more interested in how they want to be seen than in getting on with what they are actually meant to be doing.

I hope other folk will take action too – the RSPCA won’t like the bad publicity if they do nothing!

I’m also writing this as TON now has a very large and wide-ranging readership, and I hope that someone reading this knows this woman and her cronies, and gives them grief for it.

Readers might also wish to contact Hertfordshire Constabulary directly……. https://www.herts.police.uk/Report/Report

It’s no good her wearing her very smart riding outfit and having her well-groomed long blond hair – she is ugly inside.

Update: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/09/woman-who-appeared-to-slap-and-kick-horse-ousted-from-pony-club-role

Well-loved horses

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  1. ‘children learn what they see’ – this is true. You never know how many children have learnt such things, you never know how many adults know.
    Until we turn away and go, we never know. The least action we can do is to share that.
    We have internet, which we strive so much for… for what?
    For story telling, for educating, for growing up in the true society that is outside.
    Changing it? Yes.

  2. I’ve seen reports which state that the horse had run into the road. The road had vehicles and people in it anyway. The horse had veered, briefly, into the road, then came back and was standing, quite still, by the vehicles when this vicious woman started to kick and punch it.
    I don’t understand why anyone should choose to mis-represent what happened in this way – as though the horse was at fault. It’s all there in the film, clear as can be.

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