North Ronaldsay Bird Observatory……

By Bernie Bell

… exactly what it says it is.  You can stay there and venture out to observe birds, and you can also sit there comfortably and observe them through the windows.  Since our visit to the Observatory a few years ago, Mike and I have been ‘Friends of….’ and therefore received the 2020 North Ronaldsay Bird Report, which comes free with our membership package.

If you’re not a member the report is available for £15 plus postage.

As a member you will also receive regular Newsletters updating you on what is happening at and around the Bird Obs.  As well as reporting on various sightings, monitoring and ringings, the most recent Newsletter features news about  the development of the North Park ‘Corncrake meadow’ – which is A GOOD THING!

If you’re looking for some wonder-full Northern Isles birding and a comfy, welcoming place to stay while doing so, North Ronaldsay and the Brid Obs. is the place to go.  You can book your stay now by calling 01857 633200 or via email at

You can keep up to date with bird sightings on their blog  or follow on Twitter @NronBirdObs and Facebook @North Ronaldsay Bird Observatory

If you would like to become a ‘Friend of…’  just follow this link …… Friends of NRBO membership form 2021

The Bird Obs….and Seaweed-eating sheep!

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  1. I had an enjoyable weekend there about 4 years ago. It was the end of September, and the first day was glorious- no wind and sunshine. Day two, typically, was a howling gale and horizontal rain. Still, I did a small acoustic gig for those staying in the Observatory the first night, and we drank the bar dry of many things. I’ll go back soon, probably next year.

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