Bernie Bell: A Visit to North Ronaldsay

North Ronaldsay

Photo B Bell

We stayed at the Bird Obs., which is great, and from there went out exploring. The Broch of Burrian – a good place to sit and eat sandwiches in the snow whilst being glowered at by sheep with attitude. I’ve been told that these sheep may have come across with the Vikings – I can believe it – they have attitude.

North Ronaldsay

Photo B Bell

They rattle about on the stony beaches, and are more likely to run at you than away from you!  Great beasties to meet.  Apparently, great  to eat, too.  I still don’t eat meat – Orkney fish ‘turned ‘ the vegetarian, but I still don’t eat meat- Mike tells me that the N. Ron mutton is very good.

A world within a world.

North Rondalsay

Photo B Bell

For People who like lighthouses North Ron. has two!  This is the ‘newer’ one, the older one had scaffolding all round it when we were there – so the pic, wouldn’t do it justice.

North Ronaldsay

Photo B Bell

This is a selection of reasons to visit North Ron. – then there’s the whole island – which can be walked – you don’t even need to take your car – if you’re reasonably fit!

And if you get weary, there is a taxi available.

There’s all you need for a lovely stay – what’s it like living there?

Bernie Bell is a regular contributor to The Orkney News

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  1. It was interesting reading this. From my bed in the Bird Observatory on North Ronaldsay!
    The mutton is pretty good.
    The taxi less so. I mean, I’m sure it has a third gear in there.


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